- Divers
Watcher Hunter Seeker

The Watcher
Expertise: Electronics, Engine, Locks
Demeanor: Masochist, Unbalanced

Enrique likes pain and he goes out of his way to inflict it upon himself. In prison he was known for cutting himself. Both of his arms are rife with scars from self-inflicted wounds. The trauma to his face was the result of a prison brawl. When inmates gouged his eye out they were startled and disgusted to hear him begging them to destroy the other. Apart from hurting himself, Enrique is especially talented with surveillance equipment and electronics. Working with Marisa, he tracked down potential victims and monitored coast guard communications. Beneath the waves he serves the same function, though he tends to swim toward the sharks rather than away.

- Equipment

Originally used for tracking endangered species in Africa, now it's used by Enrique to help him and his team keep an eye on those Sharks. Though its a risky job!

Hacked together from left over parts these depoloyable electronic emitters can create enough shock in the water to keep sharks away from hot spots. If not only for a brief time.

Each team member carries a 20cm dive knife. Their best use is for when a diver is unlucky enough to be grabbed by a shark. The knife acts as a last resource to detach the shark before their limb is.

The Hunter
Expertise: Spear Gun, Knife, Armor
Demeanor: Quiet, Protective

Carlos used to captain a fishing boat. When times got tough, he fell into debt. To keep from bankruptcy he ran little errands for the Mexican cartels. Errands turned from smuggling to drug trafficking to murder. Increasingly in debt, Carlos became a gun-for-hire to support his family. No matter how hard he tried though or how many jobs he took, he never could keep up. With this new racket though, he has a chance to make it out. Though he is deadliest member of the team, he is also the father. He takes it upon himself to protect Reyes and Vega but often bites off more than he can chew.

- Equipment

The Penetrator. A gas powered spear gun, which when fully charged packs a punch hard enough to knock even a Great White off balance. Reloading takes time though, so aim for the eye!

Fish-on'a-Stick. One of Carlos' favoured methods for catching a sharks attention so he can can take his time aiming down the Penetrators sights.

Each team member carries a 20cm dive knife. Their best use is for when a diver is unlucky enough to be grabbed by a shark. The knife acts as a last resource to detach the shark before their limb is.

The Seeker
Expertise: Diving, Swimming, Recovery
Demeanor: Unscrupulous, Manipulative

Marisa is a survivalist and patroness of the sea. Since an early age she has lived, worked, and fought in the water. A scoundrel and a thief, Marisa knows how to get the job done, so long as she gets paid. In her heyday, she pirated along the coast. To assist her endeavors she enlisted the aid of deranged lunatic Enrique Vega to serve as her lookout while she robbed the tourists and smugglers passing through Veracruz. She is quick in the water, faster than anyone else and ruthlessly focused. Once she zeros in on her target there is little that can stop her. Such determination comes at a price: she will leave a fellow diver to the sharks if it means meeting her aims.

- Equipment

Marisa doesn't want to get caught. Being caught means loosing. As to avoid this she has bought her own Diver Propulsion Vehicle allowing her to get out of tricky situations quickly - thats presuming its got juice.

Coming Soon!

Each team member carries a 20cm dive knife. Their best use is for when a diver is unlucky enough to be grabbed by a shark. The knife acts as a last resource to detach the shark before their limb is.

- Sharks
Tiger Great White Mako
Darkness is never safe when the Tiger Shark is around. Its skin allows it to blend in with its surroundings making it extremely efficient at attacking prey. The Tiger Shark takes the middle ground between the Mako and Great White, providing the sharks with a way to counter the divers stealth. However the Tiger Shark is not an all out fighter and should avoid direct attacks on Hunters. Tiger Sharks are not known to be risk-takers. Watch out for them in the dark and around treasure. Better yet, get them tagged quickly.

Great White
The hunter killer, largest of all the sharks the Great White stands at 21ft and 5,000lb. This killing machine will destroy everything in its path - providing it can get to it. However its senses remain lackluster and will require the help of other sharks to route divers towards it. Despite this, the lumbering silhouette still strikes fear into the heart of every diver, avoid confrontations.

Agility and powerful senses are what the Mako strives in, able to track prey quickly and from a distance. The Mako will make few direct attacks on divers, but its ability to direct other sharks should not be underestimated, alerting the Mako could mean grave danger to you and your team, either move fast or stay away.

- Locations
In the last two decades there have been many travellers to Still Cove, a secluded bay on the coast of veracruz. All of them came in search of the same thing - Sunken Treasure. It is widely believed that what is now a deep body of water, was at one point the site of a great fortress belonging to the Ancient Olmec people of Mexico. It is also home to an astonishing number of Sharks. What brought them inland is uncertain. Local legends would have you believe that they are reincarnations of the Olmecs tirelessly patrolling the waters of their ancestral home, consuming greedy trespassers. Marine bioligists propose that the site makes an ideal feeding ground, because of its seal population. Regardless of which story you choose to believe, it is recommended that you stay out of the water when visiting Still Cove. Many who failed to heed this advice never returned from the bottom.

- GameTypes
The Goal of Theft mode is simple : Kill all the divers, or steal all the treasure. By default, divers get 3 lives - if these expire they must spectate and can only respawn once a teammate "cashes" a treasure at the dive cage. If there are no divers left to respawn teammates, or the match timer expires, the sharks win. Treasure is distributed at various locations all around the map, and assigned a value based on how far it is from the diver drop point. More valuable treasures are thus more risky to reach, but recovering them early in the match can throw the sharks off balance and make the remainder of the match much easier to win. Sharks are always aware of how many "safe" treasures they have, but not where these treasures are located. Since divers can deploy decoy treasures in place of stolen ones, this means sharks need to be constantly on the move, verifying what has been taken and what hasn't.