Depth has a variety of different environments to die in, all equally terrifying for divers and dangerous for sharks.

antiguoantiguo Hovered


Depth Team

The ancient ruins of an Aztec outpost, perched on a hill that now sits beneath the waves. Moonlit and surreal. (Blood And Gold, Megalodon Hunt)

covecove Hovered


These secluded shallows were the site of a violent air battle during the second world war. Now they are home to abnormally large and territorial sharks who have already killed several local fishermen. (Blood And Gold, Megalodon Hunt)

crashcrash Hovered


Above the basalt caverns rumored to be holding a hidden treasure, lies a WWII bomber in a field of flourishing coral. (Blood And Gold)

crudecrude Hovered


An off-shore oil platform that has had a catastrophic failure and sunk to the bottom of the sea. Oil is leaking into the area, hiding an even more deadly threat. (Blood And Gold, Megalodon Hunt)

devilsheaddevilshead Hovered

Devil's Head

A flourishing gold mine turned abandoned shark haven. With three floors of winding tunnels and large excavated rooms, Devil's Head focuses on indoor combat within its flooded halls. (Blood And Gold)

fracturedfractured Hovered


A massive container ship broke in two here, sinking into the bay. It was rumored to be carrying valuable cargo on its ill-fated final voyage. (Blood And Gold, Hide And Seek)

galleongalleon Hovered


The wreck of a Spanish War Galleon, El Magdalena which met its demise after crossing paths with an English Man-Of-War off the coast of Cuba in 1643. (Blood And Gold, Hide And Seek)

hillsidehillside Hovered


A coastal fortress that was the site of many battles during the age of chivalry. It is now a crumbling ruin that has been partly consumed by the sea. (Blood And Gold, Megalodon Hunt)

olmecolmec Hovered


The sunken ruins of an ancient Aztec fortress. Has a simple largely symmetrical layout which makes it a great scenario for new players. (Blood And Gold, Megalodon Hunt)

stashstash Hovered


An abandoned submarine base off the coast of Cuba. Built in the cold war era this relic is rumored to hold a large weapon cache that could bring a pretty price to the right buyer. (Blood And Gold)

stationstation Hovered


An old disused pumping station, used to refine and filter natural crude oil. (Blood And Gold, Hide And Seek)

templetemple Hovered


Built to worship the Aztec goddess of oceans, Chalchiuhtlicue, this now time-worn temple crumbled into the sea during the late-1800's. (Blood And Gold)

wreckwreck Hovered


A cloistered area in the Pacific with scattered remnants of WWII aircraft shot down while returning to their carrier. (Hide And Seek)