Greetings from The Aquatics Research Lab!

The Aquatics Research Lab, a subdivision of a military base deep in the ocean at an undisclosed location has had... a leak. If it was water this would be a small problem, but unfortunately it's a test-subject from the Specimen Program which has made it to open water. Rumored to have returned home to an abandoned pumping station, the lab have tasked two of their top scientists with its recovery... dead or alive.

Introducing The Fresh Blood: Shelly & Finn

Shelly: Lead scientist for the Specimen Program at the Aquatics Research Lab, Shelly specializes in cybernetic organisms and was responsible for the creation of Specimen 8. After Specimen 8's escape to open water, Shelly was tasked with recovery of the beast due to her intimate knowledge of its systems and capabilities.

Finn: An astute surgeon and well read marine biologist, Finn oversees all medical operations and upgrades within the Specimen Program. With considerable experience handling the beasts, Finn was the first choice to join Shelly in the recovery of Specimen 8 after its escape from the Aquatics Research Lab.

New Map: Station

New Map: Station

An old disused pumping station, used to refine and filter natural crude oil lies forgotten. Rumored to be the home of Specimen 8, Shelly and Finn have done their best to guide Captain Stubbs and the rest of the crew to this location for a chance at recovery.

Scopes - Love at first sight!

Coming in telescopic and night vision flavors, scopes are a brand new type of upgrade for the: ADS Rifle, APS Rifle, Spear Gun, and Harpoon!


Attaches a telescopic sight, giving increased zoom and reduced weapon spread when aiming down sight.

Applies to the following weapons: APS Rifle, ADS Rifle, Spear Gun, Harpoon

Night Vision Scope

Attaches a night vision scope, giving increased zoom, reduced weapon spread, and better visibility when aiming down sight.

Applies to the following weapons: APS Rifle, ADS Rifle, Spear Gun, Harpoon

New Tricks From The Aquatics Research Lab


Fit with a sonar-based tracking device, these spears briefly reveal sharks they pass by.

Applies to the following weapons: Spear Gun, Spear Pistol, Harpoon

Extra Ammo

Increases the total amount of ammunition carried, perfect for any trigger-happy diver.

Applies to the following weapons: APS Rifle, ADS Rifle

More Ways To Prey On Helpless Divers

Vitalized Frenzy

Killing a diver vitalizes the shark, immediately resetting the cooldown of its active ability.

Killer Instinct

Satiated by the taste of any blood, evolutions that trigger on diver kills now also trigger after seal kills.

Long-Awaited Skins For The Thresher And Great White

These skins are ONLY purchasable through the new in-game store.


On sale for 20% off until September 14th 2015


If there is a lucky shark somewhere in the ocean, this isn't it. He has been poked, punctured, and lacerated by almost every type of flotsam you could hope to find at sea. The collection of splinters lodged in his tail have earned him a deadly reputation among divers who have been shredded by his prickly appendage.

Specimen 8

On sale for 20% off until September 14th 2015

Specimen 8

For years the military has been searching for a way to gain an edge in aquatic warfare. It started with training dolphins... but that wasn't enough. Deep in an ocean laboratory at an undisclosed location, they have taken it to the next level. Unfortunately their creation managed to chew through a titanium fence, slaughter its handlers, and escape to open water. This is going to be one heck of a cover-up...

In-Game Shop For Skins

In-Game Shop For Skins

Depth's main menu has been expanded with a new area for browsing and managing skins. Preview and apply skins that you have access to, see how unlockable skins are gained, and purchase paid skins all from within the game.

All new and future skins will be available only through the in-game store, and all old skins are now available through the in-game store.

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