Hide And Seek

Ready or naut, here I come!

With this update we're adding the new Hide and Seek game mode into Depth. One player starts as a shark, and must hunt down the divers. When a diver is killed they join the shark side, and killing all divers secures a win for the sharks. But beware - diver players can defend themselves with their Bang Stick!

Hide and Seek starts with five maps - including versions of Fractured and Galleon, as well as a new map called Wreck. We've also included a new community made Hide and Seek map from Gameo, called Mausoleum. You'll find Hide and Seek under the Private Match section of the Play menus.

New Map: Stash

New Map: Stash

Just off the coast of Cuba lies an abandoned and forgotten submarine base. With its roots tied to the cold war era and hints pointing to a nuclear involvement this relic is said to hold stashes of cached weapons that could bring a pretty price to the right buyers.

A new Weapon Skin pack

On sale for 20% off until July 12th 2015

Fight with the style of the divers' robotic overlord S.T.E.V.E! The S.T.E.V.E. Weapon Skin pack adds new finishes for the SPP-1 Pistol, ADS Rifle, Sea Mine, and LJ-10 Volleyjet.

Hide and Seek is a FREE update for Depth. Buy Depth now through the Humble Store or get it on Steam!