Old Bones Strikes Again!

Tiburón, a small town along the East Coast of Mexico is home to a temple dedicated to the Aztec goddess of oceans, Chalchiuhtlicue. Well it would be if it hadn't crumbled into the sea back in the 1800's. Recent expeditions have discovered unexplored halls full of treasure, as well as the temple's defender. They call him 'Huesos Viejos'; Old Bones, and after facing numerous attacks from this enormous hammerhead it's about time something was done. Teaming up with a shadowy Russian mercenary, Stubbs and the crew are out to deal with the menace and reveal the secrets of the sunken temple.

New Map: Temple

New Map: Temple

Built to worship the Aztec goddess of oceans, Chalchiuhtlicue, this now time-worn temple crumbled into the sea during the late-1800's. The temple hadn't been fully explored before it disappeared, with recent expeditions heading under to both preserve and excavate the site.

Serrated Teeth - Shred Puny Divers

Tearing flesh to shreds, this abso-bloody-lutely vicious evolution leaves bitten divers to slowly bleed until they reach a Medkit... or death.

Serrated Teeth

Razor-sharp serrations in the sharks teeth leave divers lucky enough to break free with deep, bleeding wounds until given medical attention.

StubbsCare - Free Medkits and Diver Health Bars

There's good news and bad news. The bad news is, while you were napping a bunch of other salvage groups have found out about our target locales. The good news is, so far their expeditions have failed, and they've even left a few extra supplies on the bottom of the sea. Stubbs says there's a good number of Medkits down there now, in between the corpses.

You've also been given an upgraded HUD for sensing when your vital signs drop - you'd best watch that closely it and make use of those Medkits when necessary!

The Supply Kit - The Whole Kit And Caboodle

Captain Stubbs has been losing a lot of good divers recently, not that he cares. But it's been cutting into the volumes of treasure he's been able to recover - and that does concern him. He's paid off a Russian mercenary to smuggle in a bunch of ex-military Supply Kits, and is making them available to you. For a fee of course, they weren't free...

Supply Kit

A compact kit packed full of flares, sonar buoys, and even a sea mine! Keep stocked on the go!

Old Bones Hammerhead Skin

ONLY purchasable through the in-game store.

On sale for 20% off until October 18th 2015

Old Bones

Despite the ravages of war on its ancient frame, this death defying beast has terrified locals into believing it was chosen by Aztec gods hundreds of years ago to protect the sea no matter the cost.

Fight With The Ferocity Of Tigermaul Weapon Skins

ONLY purchasable through the in-game store.

On sale for 20% off until October 18th 2015

Dressed to the teeth and inspired by the fearsome Tiger Shark. The Tigermaul weapon skins feature a two-toned body topped with dark stripes and blood-red slashes.

New Randomized Treasure System

Do you know all the Depth maps like the back of your hand? Know exactly which pieces of treasure to swim to and in what order? The challenge has just been increased - with treasure now spawning randomly in maps. This makes the Sensor a particularly tempting option early-on for divers.

Expanded In-Game Shop For All Skins

Expanded In-Game Shop For All Skins

Depth's in-game store has been expanded with a new area for browsing and managing diver skins and weapon skins, as well as shark skins. Preview and apply skins that you have access to, see how unlockable skins are gained, and purchase paid skins all from within the game.

All new and future skins will be available only through the in-game store, and all old skins are now available through the in-game store.

Old Bones is a FREE update for Depth. Buy Depth now through the Humble Store or get it on Steam!