Great Whites, Tigers and Makos! Oh My!

Introducing the Mako - Small but deadly!

Introducing the Mako - Small but deadly!

The Mako may be the smallest of the trio, but don't let that trick you; he's fast as hell and twice as mean. With a sleek but fragile frame the Mako is built for speed and agility. With great finesse and carefully aimed attacks the Mako excels in one-on-one combat. Using his smaller frame to slip in and out of rooms, divers are sure to keep on their toes as he whisks their allies into the dark.

Introducing the Tiger - Earn your stripes!

Introducing the Tiger - Earn your stripes!

The Tiger is a real man eater, and his striped hide makes him hard to spot. With a solid build and powerful muscles, the Tiger is adaptable to a wide variety of strategies ranging from hit-and-run to all out aggression. Putting his bulky framework to use means the Tiger is more than capable of taking a few bullets before making a lively escape.

(Re)Introducing the Great White - Kind of a big deal!

(Re)Introducing the Great White - Kind of a big deal!

The Great White is as large as he is dangerous. With the introduction of shark classes we've reworked the Great White into a close quarters powerhouse taking full advantage of his enormous size. Being both slow moving and hard hitting the Great White will continue his onslaught as bullets and spears sail his way.

New Map: Devil's Head

New Map: Devil's Head

Devil's Head – A flourishing gold mine turned abandoned shark haven. With three floors of winding tunnels and large excavated rooms, Devil's Head focuses on indoor combat within its flooded halls. Vertical exploration is a huge part of Devil's Head - as S.T.E.V.E. and the divers wind deeper in the mine, the sharks come and go as they please using deserted elevator shafts and busting through aged wooden structures. Divers and Sharks alike will be sure to find themselves adapting and working together within this sunken quarry!

Depth Editor

Depth Editor

We'll be reeling in DepthED with the Big Catch Update for those of you looking to dive deeper into Depth. This is a full suite of editing tools that allows players to create their own maps and mods for the game. If you'd like to know more and talk about the Depth Editor join us on our Steam Forums – Mapping and Modding subforum. We can't wait to sink our teeth into what you guys release.

The Shark Screen – Invi-sea-bility cloak The Shark Screen – Invi-sea-bility cloak The Shark Screen – Invi-sea-bility cloak

Gear up! – New Diver Equipment

The Shark Screen – Invi-sea-bility cloak

Sharks are darn good at sensing but why let them! Utilizing a wide range of electro-magnetic frequencies the Shark Screen will disrupt the senses of any shark as long as it's powered on and make any diver inside its effective area undetectable. However with portability comes fragility, any shark that gives it a good ram should send it flying away in pieces.

Megalodon Hunt

Hunt the greatest predator the oceans have ever seen!

Megalodon Hunt is an all-new game mode for Depth. Five divers face off against the greatest and most ferocious shark conceivable - the powerful Megalodon. Megalodon Hunt is void of S.T.E.V.E. and instead of focusing on room-to-room combat concentrates on map-wide chaos. Divers scramble for treasure as the Megalodon puts up a relentless fight, however as divers get stronger the tables turn and the hunter becomes hunted.

Upgrade your weapons!

As divers collect treasure in Megalodon Hunt their weapons will automatically upgrade to become mightier. However, the Megalodon is a bit of kleptomaniac and will rid you of your best weapon after an attack, no worries though as you can always get a new one with more treasure.

Hunt the hunter!

If the Megalodon moves too slowly he will be spotted by Captain Stubbs on the boat revealing his position to all players until the Megalodon gives Stubbs the slip again. Use these opportunities to chase into the dark after the beast using a generously donated DPV.

Slay the beast!

When the Megalodon is slain the killer will take his place in the deep and become the definitive badass of the sea.

The Big Catch Achievements

We've added a whole host of new achievements to Depth!

Last Gasp Last Gasp: While low on health, slay 50 sharks with the diving knife.
Hail Mary Hail Mary: Successfully toss a bag of treasure to S.T.E.V.E. at a distance greater than 20 meters. Technical Difficulties Technical Difficulties: As a shark, destroy 50 Sonar Buoys.
Can Robots Cry? Can Robots Cry?: As a shark, disable S.T.E.V.E. 50 times. Deep Red Sea Deep Red Sea: As a shark, kill 1000 divers.
Front Toward Enemy Front Toward Enemy: As a shark, kill 25 divers with their own mines. Daring Explorer Daring Explorer: Recover $10,000 worth of treasure from locations at least 30 meters away from S.T.E.V.E.
Hunter Hunted Hunter Hunted: Tag 100 sharks resulting in their death. Oh Yeeeeeaaaah! Oh Yeeeeeaaaah!: As a shark, bust through a wall and grab a diver on the other side with a single lunge.

Including 4 new Megalodon Hunt achievements!

They're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat They're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat: As the Megalodon, kill 10 Divers in a single life. Arms Race Arms Race: Be the first player to reach the Explosive Harpoon in a game of Megalodon Hunt.
Underdog Underdog: Kill the Megalodon with no help from other divers. The Harder They Fall The Harder They Fall: Land the killing blow on 100 Megalodons.

The Big Catch is a FREE update for Depth. Buy Depth now through the Humble Store or get it on Steam!