The Diver

Divers are weak, with poor vision in darkness and a slower swimming speed. But their intelligence, dexterity, and access to varied equipment prepare them for the dangers lurking beneath. Divers have weapons that can fire darts or spears at long range, hopefully keeping threats at a distance.

When playing a diver in Depth a range of equipment is available to you - and as you play the game you'll unlock even more available equipment. Not just weapons like Dual Spear Pistols, but consumables like Sea Mines, and support items like the Sensor.



When all else fails, this diving knife is the last thing standing between you and the jaws of death.



SPP-1 Pistol

Both accurate and fast loading, the SPP-1 underwater semi-automatic pistol is an affordable choice for divers looking to protect themselves in hostile water.

Cost to buy: $500


Twin SPP-1 Pistols

Carrying two of the SPP-1 is a smart choice for bringing more bullets on a budget.

Cost to buy: $1000


Net Gun

Fires an entangling net that stops any shark in their tracks.

Cost to buy: $1300


APS Rifle

An older model of assault rifle used by Russian frogmen. What it lacks in stopping power it makes up for with speed.

Cost to buy: $2000


Spear Gun

Air-powered in an aluminium body, the Spear Gun packs a punch with its 10mm steel spears.

Cost to buy: $2200



This harpoon is as fast loading as it is firing. Although it only fires one shot before reloading it will quickly and efficiently tear through any shark.

Cost to buy: $4500



These short-lived, high intensity flares could be just the thing you need to light both your way and hostile sea-life.

Cost to buy: $50


Sonar Buoy

Perfect for finding sharks in open waters, the Sonar Buoy's soothing 'pings' and revealing light notify divers of hostile sea life before it's too late.

Cost to buy: $100


Sea Mine

These high explosive mines are a great way to secure a perimeter. Just be sure to keep your distance when they go off...

Cost to buy: $200


Shark Shield

Utilizes a wide range of electro-magnetic frequencies to disrupt the sharks' senses, making any diver inside its effective area undetectable.

Cost to buy: $600


P-11 Pistol (Unlock)

The P-11 is an underwater semi-automatic pistol sporting a 5 round barrel.

Cost to buy: $650


Tagging SPP-1 (Unlock)

A modified SPP-1 which fires tracking ammunition.

Cost to buy: $700


DPV (Unlock)

The DPV is a battery powered propulsion vehicle used for covering great distances quickly and efficiently.

Cost to buy: $900


ADS Rifle (Unlock)

The ADS is the state of the art amphibious rifle. It spits out bullets like there's no tomorrow.

Cost to buy: $3000


Sensor (Unlock)

The Sensor is a both a portable metal detector and sonar for seeking out sharks and treasure alike.

Cost to buy: $200


Twin P-11 Pistols (Unlock)

The Twin P-11s allow divers to up their firepower with two of the finest underwater pistols.

Cost to buy: $1300


Magnet DPV (Unlock)

This DPV has been fitted with a powerful magnet to attract pieces of loose treasure. Get rich in half the time!

Cost to buy: $2000


Spear Pistol (Unlock)

Light weight, portable and inexpensive the Spear Pistol can take down your average shark in just two shots.

Cost to buy: $800


ADS Tranq Rifle (Unlock)

This modified ADS rapidly fires tranquillizing rounds subduing sharks by lowering their stamina with every bullet hit.

Cost to buy: $3500


Barbed Net Gun (Unlock)

Fires barbed nets that continuously hurt any shark unlucky enough to get trapped within.

Cost to buy: $1800


Twin Spear Pistols (Unlock)

With two shots at the ready the Twin Spear Pistol is the logical choice for any diver with precise shooting.

Cost to buy: $1600


APS Tag Rifle (Unlock)

This APS has been modified to chamber tracking ammunition. Sharks can swim, but they can't hide!

Cost to buy: $2500


Bang Stick (Unlock)

A spear with an explosive tip. Jab it into a shark and blow it up from the inside out!

Cost to buy: $800


Explosive Harpoon (Unlock)

Modified to fire explosive harpoons, any diver wielding this weapon will be sure to bring the heat.

Cost to buy: $6000